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Vacation in Engadin

Spend your vacations in Engadin

As the upper valley stage of the Inn, vacations in the Engadin offer you over 80 km of breathtaking scenery with unique nature and a variety of activities for unforgettable vacations in all seasons. The high valley is divided into the Upper and Lower Engadin, whereby the climate in the Upper Engadin is already a few degrees colder than down the valley. Here, mountain lakes and snow-capped peaks captivate, while the wild nature of the Lower Engadin with the rushing Inn becomes an attraction without equal. The special winter climate arises because the high valley is cut off from warming oceanic currents by the surrounding mountain landscape and the air is thus still. Likewise, the clear sky ensures perfect winter conditions and makes your vacations in Engadin a unique experience. It will be up to 10 degrees colder in this region.

Even during the vacations you should feel at home in the accommodation. It always depends on what you expect from the vacations. If you are looking for attractions, you will certainly find the right vacation apartment in the lively center of St. Moritz. It should be rather quiet and close to nature? Then find a cozy vacation apartment with a fireplace and mountain panorama in nearby villages such as Celerina, Pontresina, Samedan and Silvaplana or in traditional Sils.

The fully equipped accommodations leave nothing to be desired in terms of catering and living comfort. If you leave the modern kitchen equipment and want to eat out, you will be spoiled by local specialties, as it is usual in the Engadin high valley.

Vacations in Engadin are varied

Those arriving on the red trains of the Rhaetian Railway already begin their vacation in the Engadin with an attraction. Both the trains and the impressive panorama of the line have ensured that the Rhaetian Railway has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Not only is train travel itself an inspiring experience, but the ride also takes you to some popular ports of call for more experiences:

Ferien im Engadin

Affiliated are, for example, the Swiss National Park in the Lower Engadin, the only national park in the whole of Switzerland, which covers an area of 170km² for nature conservation and research. The ski resorts of Lagalb and Diavolezza can also be reached quickly by train and offer wonderful conditions for fans of winter sports. Alternatively, you can continue with the Bernina Express to the southern Puschlav or with the well-known Glacier Express to Zermatt.

The Engadin in summer

Not only in winter are vacations in the Engadin recommended. The summer months also give the high valley a special glow. With an above-average number of sunny days per year, the mountain landscape is an idyll of natural spectacle. Especially in midsummer, the vacation apartment guests appreciate the pleasant climate. Especially popular: the lakes on the plateau. Four large lakes adorn the Engadin and offer hikers, cyclists as well as walkers a breathtaking picture of the mirrored mountain world. With temperatures barely above 17 degrees, however, the Lake Sils, the Lake Silvaplana or the Lake Champfèr are hardly suitable for swimming. On the other hand, Lake Silvaplana is probably the most famous lake in Switzerland for windsurfers, kite surfers and sailors. The sight of the colorful sails, the typical deep blue Engadin sky, and the turquoise blue water literally takes your breath away. Even the St. Moritz lake, due to its size, is not heated enough by the sun to give bathers the pleasure.

So if you’re not so hardy and want to jump into the cold water, you should pay a little more attention to the surrounding, smaller lakes. Bathing classics are for example the Lej Marsch, Lej Nair and the Lake Staz, which are much smaller and therefore a few degrees warmer in the summer months. And even without going into the water, a nice day can be spent here on the bath towel. In the middle of an open clearing of the Stazerwald forest between St. Moritz and Pontresina lies the lake and just invites you to make yourself comfortable with a book. The cozy restaurant does its part as an alternative for the apartment guests.

Most popular destinations in Engadin